El-Dar El-Arabia for Training and Consultations is pleased to training and consulting to provide its plan for the diplomas for the year 2010 in the following areas:

Technical and Engineering diplomas

  1. Diploma in Civil Maintenance.
  2. Diploma in Construction Design.
  3. Diploma in Design of Building and Drafting.
  4. Diploma in Electrical Drafting.
  5. Diploma in Electrical Maintenance.
  6. Diploma in Fault Diagnosis.
  7. Diploma in General Mechanical Engineering.
  8. Diploma in Mechanical Maintenance.
  9. Diploma in Pipeline.
  10. Diploma in Piping Drafting.
  11. Diploma in Process.
  12. Diploma in Rotating Machines.
  13. Diploma in Safety.
  14. Diploma in Total Quality Management.
  15. Diploma in Maintenance Planning.
  16. Diploma in Production Management.
  17. Diploma in Vibration analysis and Control.
  18. Diploma in Programmable Controllers (P.L.C.).
  19. Diploma in Computer Drafting.
  20. Diploma in Engineering Materials and Testing.
  21. Diploma in Industrial Measures.
  22. Diploma in Project Engineering (Operation, Maintenance & Management).
  23. Diploma in Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance.
  24. Diploma in Introduction to Drilling Engineering.

Managerial and General diplomas

  1. Diploma in Marketing Management and Sales Development.
  2. Diploma of modern secretarial and office management.
  3. Diploma in material management.
  4. Diploma in management and human resources planning.
  5. Diploma of Business Administration.
  6. Diploma of Public Relations and Media.
  7. Diploma of warehouse management and procurement.
  8. Diploma in accounting and auditing and review.
  9. Diploma of bank management.
  10. Diploma in Insurance.
  11. Diploma in security of documents and information.
  12. Diploma of e-government
  13. Diploma in Information Systems.
  14. Diploma in Advanced Management Systems.
  15. Diploma in Recent Marketing Systems.
  16. Diploma in International Public Relations.
  17. Diploma in Strategic Management.
  18. Diploma in Legal and Managerial Affairs.