Datco activities

1. Training Facilities:
DATCO can provide the correct profile in the field of training.

  • A comprehensive calendar of training programs.
  • Engineering, Managerial Safety, Financial and Legal courses.
  • Computer courses for all proprietary software.
  • Qualified instructors local and international.
  • In-house training courses.
  • Overseas training courses.

2. Consultation in Technical , Financial , Marketing , Managerial , Legal , Environmental , Insurance.
3. Various Diplomas and Specialized Studies in All Activities.
4. Help Arabian trainees to make high graduated studies.
5. Certificate for Welders Qualification.
6. Preparation in CPA, CMA Certifications for Accountants.
7. Preparation to TOEFL in English Language.
8. Preparation in HACCP Certification.
9. Inspection QC & Non Destructive Examination services:
DATCO, supply inspectors, Engineers, Technicians and Equipments required for Turnkey service assistant on a contract or project basis.

  • Visual inspection (V.T.).
  • General measurement services.
  • Radiographic examination & film analysis (R.T.).
  •  Ultrasonic examination (U.T.).
  • Liquid penetrates examination (P.T.).
  • Magnetic particle examination (M.T.).
  • Acoustic emission examination (A.E.T.).
  • Field metallurgical examination.
  • Specialty welding, repairing, and consulting.
  •  Quality control and inspection supervision.
  • Third party inspection services.
  • Preventive maintenance control & inspection
  • Condition monitoring & vibration consultants.

10. Feasibility Studies & Project Management:

  • Feasibility studies and project management services to a diverse range of industries and clients.
  • Our objectives are to offer a cost effective & flexible service to companies plus helping in coordination several programs and controlling through.

11. Quality Systems (ISO 9000/2000) & Q.S. 9000 and Environmental Systems (ISO 14000)
DATCO can provide facilities and services to qualify companies for ISO 9001, QS 9000 and environmental system (ISO 14000).
Certificate by qualified personnel (Lead assessors).
12. Annual International Conference.
13. Printing and Packaging:
The center offers training courses in various specialized fields of printing, packaging and publishing.

  • Printing house management & planning.
  • Specialized studies.
  • Advanced technical studies.

14. Office Automation and Management.
15. Factory Assessments.
16. Selection of Suppliers.